Parent’s Testimonials

My son has only been at Kiddie Kollege a few weeks and in those few weeks there has been such a change in him. He's happy, he's excited about going to school, and he is recognizing numbers and letters! Not only is he happy but so am I. The teachers are absolutely wonderful. I'm always greeted with a smile and a good morning. It's so nice to know these teachers truly care about my child. Kiddie Kollege really is an amazing place!

Amanda Trowbridge

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found a daycare that treats us like family. The caring staff go above and beyond for each child providing a positive education. Both of my kids have grown so much in so many ways in the time they’ve been with Kiddie Kollege.”

Thank you, Katie, Max, and Ryan

Kiddie Kollege is a wonderful childcare provider! I have been sending my children to the Amherst Kiddie Kollege for the past 6 years. The administrators and teachers have become a second family to us. They have a great curriculum that promotes structure and stability. The classrooms are vibrant and filled with age-appropriate toys and learning materials. My children have become accustomed to their daily routine and enjoy the predictability of their day. I always look forward to seeing the wonderful art projects my little ones bring home. I have had a wonderful relationship with Kiddie Kollege! When I drop my children off I know they are safe and receiving excellent care from a superb, well-trained staff. I cannot say enough good things about these people. It takes a team of exceptional people to provide the level of loving, quality-care that my children receive each day they attend this childcare center! Sincerely, Jessica Mother of 4

A wonderful childcare provider! - Jessica

Dear Bay Village Kiddie Kollege, It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial about the Bay Village School, Ms. Jen and the many wonderful staff that have cared for both my boys. My oldest son started with Bay when he was in the school-age room and was only there for a short period but Mr. Ricky left such a positive impression that when it was time for my youngest son to start his early childhood years, we knew were we wanted him. Jonah has been with Ms. Jen since he was 4 months old, and at one point left to attend a school ONLY because, it was part of my employment benefits. Jonah never quite adjusted to the change and had a very hard time at the other school because it was not the home he had grown use to, the teachers did not take the time to get to know him and care for him like they do at Bay. After losing my job and acquiring a new one as a day care administrator it never crossed my mind to enroll my child in my school, instead I knew he needed to head back home to Bay Village Kiddie Kollege. By being in the profession I have very high standards of what a child care facility should be and Ms. Jen and the staff definetely out due my expectations. The center is always clean, the teachers are always friendly, and the environment is a pleasurable experience for him. Ms. Tracey and Ms. Arnita are WONDERFUL with my son! Their patience is priceless! When my son is at home for a "stay-home day" he still replicates what a school day is because Bay Kiddie Kollege has really become his second home. In fact, he has just registered for kindergarten, but has determined that he never, ever wants to leave Ms. Jen's school! It will be bitter-sweet leaving Bay Kiddie Kollege because we have so many wonderful memories, Jonah has grown and become quite the little young man, and I know I can attribute that to Ms. Jen, Ms. Tracy, Ms. Arnita, Mr. Ricky, Ms. Ellie, Ms. Rachel, Ms. Audi. Ms. Carrie, Ms. Cassie and the many wonderful teachers he has had throughout his years. Sincerely, Jill Psota Jonah's Mom

Jill Psota - WONDERFUL

Amherst Kiddie Kollege has been a godsend for our family. As a working Mom I rely on them every day and they have always exceeded my expectations. My daughter and my family have adored her teachers from the infant room all the way up to the toddler room where she is now. The caregivers and directors have always been very accessible and helpful. They've been supportive from everything from breastfeeding to potty training.

My daughter loves the enriching activities with her teachers and looks forward to going to Amherst Kiddie Kollege every day. Several Kiddie Kollege teachers and directors have a special place in our hearts and are now counted as dear friends.

Elena Hande-Featherstone - a godsend for our family

My name is Jessie and my children have been attending the Amherst Kiddie Kollege Center for almost five years now. Throughout these five years, I've had the privilege of sharing all of the important little steps in my children's lives from crawling, to potty training, to their first day in Kindergarten. Their staff has always gone above and beyond to make sure that I felt comfortable with the changes that were happening in my children's lives. The staff shows an interest and take pride in all of the achievements that their "little friends" make.

I tried several centers before settling down at Kiddie Kollege and all I can say is that I am beyond blessed to have found a family at Kiddie Kollege. Thank You Kiddie Kollege for all that you have done over the past five years and for what you will do in the future years to come.

Jessica Hernandez – Thank You Kiddie Kollege