Infants: 6 weeks -17 months

We’ve established a learning environment for infants that focuses on routines and experiences. We support learning from the time we say goodbye to our families in the morning to the time we say hello in the evening by keeping children safe and happy, responding to your child’s needs and working in partnership with the families. Your infants will imitate and pretend during play activities. They will enjoy stories and songs connecting with music and movement. We will create with art, explore sand and water and enjoy the outdoors.

Our curriculum is designed to implement 5 key areas of development and learning:

  • Social Emotional – how they understand their own and other’s feelings, regulate and express their emotions appropriately, build relationships with others, and interact in a group.
  • Physical – includes children’s gross motor and fine motor skills such as; balance and traveling skills.
  • Language – listens to increasingly complex language, uses language to express thoughts and needs, uses appropriate communication skills.
  • Cognitive – intellectual development – demonstrates positive approaches towards learning and remembers and connects experiences.
  • Literacy – Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses