Preschool/Pre-K: 3 years-5 years

Each day preschoolers explore science and math in our STEAM room, create art, engage in dance and music, listen to and interact during storytime, work on their fine and gross motor skills, and most of all learn through play and interaction with teachers and peers.

Our curriculum is designed to implement 9 key areas of development and learning:

  • Social Emotional – how they understand their own and other’s feelings, regulate and express their emotions appropriately, build relationships with others, and interact in a group.
  • Physical – includes children’s gross motor and fine motor skills such as; balance, traveling skills and coordination.
  • Language -listens to increasingly complex language, uses language to express thoughts and needs, uses appropriate communication skills.
  • Cognitive– intellectual development – demonstrates positive approaches towards learning, remembers and connects experiences, uses classification skills and uses symbols and images to represent something not there.
  • Literacy– Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonic skills and word recognition, Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet, Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses, comprehends and responds to books and other texts, demonstrates writing skills.
  • Mathematics – Uses number concepts and operations, explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes, compares and measures and demonstrates knowledge of patterns.
  • Science and Technology -Uses scientific inquiry skills, demonstrates knowledge of living things and their characteristics, demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects, demonstrates knowledge of Earth’s environment and uses tools and technology to perform tasks.
  • Social Studies – Demonstrates knowledge about self, shows basic understanding of people and how they live,demonstrates simple geographic knowledge, and explores changes related to familiar people or places.
  • The Arts – Explores the visual arts, music concepts, dance and movement and drama through actions.