School Age

Kindergarten/School age: 5 years-12 years

Our before- and after-care programs go well beyond homework help. We also work on each child as a whole focusing on emotions and behaviors, sustaining positive relationships, and participating cooperatively and constructively in group situations. By focusing on your child as a whole we are able to help educate your child on the importance of being kind and helping others. We also help children to recognize their strengths, set and achieve personal goals, form and sustain friendships, and learn to work individually and as a group.
During your child’s time at Kiddie kollege we provide breakfast and snacks.

Non school days:
Our full day school age program offers all the above plus it includes lunch.

Summer Camp:
Our Summer camp program is filled with all of the above and so much more! We offer weekly field trips, visitors, and swimming. All of our summer activities are carefully planned based on the interest of the children.